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RSABI Gears up for “Trimathon” at NSA Scotsheep

17th May 2022

Farmers attending NSA Scotsheep at the start of next month are being offered the opportunity to have a post-lambing tidy up, courtesy of RSABI, which will be running a light-hearted “Trimathon” at the event.

The Kilted Barber, Campbell Ewen from George St, Perth, will be wielding his scissors and clippers at the RSABI tent and the hope is to trim as many wayward fringes as possible through the day at the event being hosted by the McNee family at Over Finlarg, Tealing.

Campbell will be offering his services free of charge and visitors to the event will simply have to make a small donation in exchange for a trim or, alternatively, they can give a donation to see someone in need of a barber’s services, being tidied up!

The idea behind the initiative from the charity which supports people in Scottish agriculture, is to raise a smile (at a time when we all need to) and to raise awareness of the wide range of support it offers, as well as encouraging farmers to take care of their mental and physical health. RSABI offers emotional support – counselling can be arranged quickly – and practical help, including farm business reviews, as well as a wide range of financial support.

“At this time of year – after the hectic lambing and calving period – many farmers have rarely ventured off the farm. We hope a great day out at Scotsheep will provide a real tonic and the opportunity to catch up with lots of people, support each other and make new friends,” said Carol McLaren, Chief Executive of RSABI.

“Farmers are fantastic at helping other people in rural communities around the country but can sometimes forget to look after themselves properly and we hope our Trimathon will help to remind them of how important it is to take a break.

“Time off the farm and away from work is vital for good mental health and a day like Scotsheep it is also a great source of new ideas and this year, perhaps a few great post-lambing haircuts too!”

RSABI is sharing a stand with the National Sheep Association sheep dressing and crook-making demonstrations, in the main farmyard at the event. The RSABI team hope to encourage people of all ages not to hesitate to contact them on 0300 111 4166 if they start to feel overwhelmed.

The charity is celebrating its 125th anniversary this year and a range of activities are planned for the coming months, including a drive to recruit 125 new members of the Supporters’ Scheme, which is a vital source of income for the work it undertakes.

Archie MacKinnon, Head Shepherd at Auchnacloich with his son Ben a member of the NSA Scotsheep 2022 committee, is pictured with the Kilted Barber, Campbell Ewen gearing up for the NSA Scotsheep Trimathon.