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Who needs a ticket for NSA Scotsheep 2024?

Planning to attend the event as a group of 10 people or more? Click here to contact Event Organiser Euan Emslie and discuss a group discount.


All ticket prices include VAT. There is no additional charge for event parking.

* Please note, half price entry for NSA members is determined by the type of membership card held, not the number of names that appear on the card. One £10 entry ticket for a standard card and two tickets at £10 each for a joint membership card. If two people living at the same address wish to gain two tickets at £10 each for entry to NSA Scotsheep 2024 and currently only hold an individual subscription, they can upgrade to a joint subscription at a cost of £10. Visit the NSA website or call NSA Head Office on 01684 892661 at least one week before the event.


Tickets are sold by TicketSrv. TicketSrv ticket FAQs CLICK HERE. TicketSrv enquiries form CLICK HERE. TicketSrv ticket resend link CLICK HERE